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Wounded Warriors Attend Lt Governor Reception

Escorted by the Bonaire Bike Club, Wounded Warriors and members of the Wounded Warriors head to the residence of the Lt Governor for a reception



New Rotary Opens At Kaya Industrial

After several months of work, a new circle or round a bout is opening at Kaya Industrial near the old Lisa Gas and Tropical Car wash 4 o clock on Thursday 9/24/09. This was an attempt to deal with the large number of accidents. Rumor has it that this will be followed by another circle at the intersection of Kaya Industrial and Nikiboko (January 2010) and also a traffic light on Kaya Korona near Koyman


The new circle is the second on the island but the first to use US/EU rules whereby the cars in the circle have the right away. The circle in Hato near what was referred to as Hotel Row...will have its rules changed to the same standards