Trench Warfare

Driving around the island one can't help to notice that people are really "digging in". Everwhere you look another trench or trenching tool... So whats in the trench? Have a look.. progress to a new fiber optic and power grid, plus room to expand. A nice side product is that in cutting the trenches, the weeds along the road are cut back

New Convenience Store


New on Nikkiboca (One road east of the airport road) is this new store. Rumors have it that it will be a 24/7 store with hot food counter. Right now the grill area is not open and the hours are more like 7 to 11 (Ok maybe 11:45) buts its clean and reminds me lot of the old Lisa store at Lisa gas. There auto supplies , cold food, ice cream. wine, canned and package food and more. This is one of the latest stores open on the island


The Airport road is currently closed at the intersection with Kaya Industria (the road Wharehouse Bonaire is located on) as the intersection is converted to a large new rotary. Rumour has it that this rotary will have traditional traffic rules unlike the North/South rules of the Hato Rotary. When this is completed anothet circlle will be built on the north end of Kaya Industrial to help deal safely with the increased traffic. Sure beats traffic lights

Divi Sunset Project Progress

So far so good