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As part of the ever changing face of restaurants on Bonaire, we bid goodbye to the Old Inn down by Plaza. I can't fairly say anything good or bad about it as I never went there (always heard things about service and price). The new place "Sensus" has not opened yet but appears to be going for a much more open and outdoor approach. Time will tell

Progress on New Traffic Circle

Last Month This month

Great progress is being made. As you can see bridges are in, road base and forms for curbs. Give the general impatience of local drivers, looks like only a matter of time till people start making their way aound the barriers. I am betting on a mid September completion (Got to find Asphalt)

Freak Snow Storms Hits Cargill Parking Lot

Good thing I had my window scraper. Cargill was able to clear the parking lot in a day

Nope Still No Change at Sticks and Stones

Trubines for Wind Farm Arrive

They must be serious about it. A large number of turbines were off loaded and staged at the Stadium. The truck gives you idea of the size of a blade site

Good bye to the quiet water front

This is just one example of the explosion of new buildings along the water front, This new four story structure is next to Dive Inn where there use to be the Sunset Apartments. Progress?